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Debris-Free At Every Stage Of Construction

Carilo Cleaning’s mission is to perform a service above expectation giving to our customer excellent quality, positive attitude, safety, and dependable team work. 

Carilo Cleaning Expert

Post Construction Cleaning 

Carilo Cleaning Experts knows the demands of details in the Post Construction Industry. That is why we put our effort and dedication into each project, for your satisfaction and that of your clients. Our staff is dedicated to providing everything necessary to ensure results that exceed expectations  and securely compliant.

Our Services
Commercial Post Construction Janitorial Services & 
Disinfection for COVID-19:

Office cleaning                                                                           Light fixtures                Floor maintenance                                                                    Pipe cleaning and wiping
Kitchen deep cleaning                                                              Wash, buff and wax floors (VCT, Rubber, Cork, etc.)
Interior windows                                                                        Power Washing
Exterior windows                                                                       A/C units and vents cleaning
Clean mechanical, electrical and LAN rooms                      Cabinets, cubicles, closets and janitorial rooms cleaning 
Restroom deep cleaning                                                          Furniture, desks, chairs, dusting
Shampoo and Steam Clean carpet                                         AND MUCH MORE…     Baseboard, blinds, doors, and door frames cleaning  

Post-Construction  Cleaning FAQs

What is rough clean? 

In simple terms, it’s a post-construction cleaning project’s first phase that involves the removal and cleaning of dust and debris.

What is light clean?

Apart from being a post-construction cleaning project’s second phase, it’s also the most time-consuming. Cleaning teams have to use a diverse array of tools and equipment to perform this phase

What is final clean?

This phase of post-construction cleaning, also known as ‘touch-up cleaning’, is all about  sanitizes and cleans the entire space so the building is move-in ready.

Do I need construction cleaning before an inspection?

It’s highly recommended to clean your facility before an inspection. This ensures safe access around work areas for inspectors and visitors.

What do I need to do to prepare for construction cleaning?

Safety is key. We recommend moving large and/or hazardous debris so the technicians can properly access and clean the work areas.

The Process
1. Rough Cleaning

After mechanical, electrical, plumbing, and framing is installed, the first phase of the construction cleaning process begins. removes and disposes of big bulk items such as debris, and leftover materials. Sweeping, vacuuming, and the removal of stickers is included in this phase.

2. Light Cleaning

Out of the three phases of post-construction cleaning process, final cleaning is the most intricate. Special cleaning equipment and tools are used on-site to clean restrooms, kitchens, windows, cabinets, air ducts, interior glass, doors, walls, and more. Your facility is cleaned from top to bottom.

3. Touch-Up/ Final Cleaning 

The last and shorter phase in the construction cleaning process, and it usually occurs several days after the final cleaning. As items are being cleared from your jobsite, dust, smudges, fingerprints, and other imperfections appear. Hand the building over to the owner in pristine condition.

Post-Construction Cleaning
Construction isn’t complete until everything is dust and debris-free. Ensure your construction site clean-up services leave your project prepared for inspection, inhabitation, and action