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Industrial cleaning in Carilo Cleaning Expert

One thing that every commercial and industrial plant manager should keep in mind is the great value that a satisfactory cleaning service can bring to their facility. Delicate and complex machinery requires trained and qualified cleaning operatives to remove potentially dangerous build-up of dirt, and an adaptable and flexible cleaning company that can schedule their cleaning operation to coincide with your maintenance and shutdown schedules.
Carilo Cleaning brings the guarantee of decades of experience and continuous partnerships with some of the best-known names in the manufacturing, aerospace and pharmaceutical sectors.

Combined with our deep experience is the range of specialist equipment we deploy on every clean-up contract and our proven ability to respond quickly and effectively to emergency spills, accidents and other clean-up requirements. Contact us today to learn more about how we can help you meet your industrial cleaning needs!

What is industrial cleaning?

An industrial cleaning is one that is carried out in any factory or warehouse. Its objective is to preserve the facilities and the health of the workers, as well as achieve health in the products that are created or stored there.

There are many types of industries: pharmaceutical, fishing, food, textile, metallurgical, automobile, etc. Therefore, each one has specific needs and requires cleaning in different areas, for example:

· Industrial maintenance cleaning.
· Deep cleaning for factories.
· Ceiling and wall cleaning services.
· Cleaning of offices, waiting rooms and reception areas.
· Bathroom cleaning.
· Cleaning of machinery and production chains.
· Cleaning refrigerators and other storage areas.
· Cleaning of loading and unloading areas, garages and parking lots.

We invest in your safety through optimal industrial cleaning

If we told you that we are providers of comprehensive cleaning services in production environments, we would be making a half-truth, because our industrial cleaning service is much more than that.

At Carilo Cleaning, we align ourselves with your values as a company and specific objectives to provide you with a service based on quality, innovation and optimization that lives up to your expectations and those of your employees, paying special attention to those tasks in safety of the work, of its human team and of the industrial zone itself.



When tackling cleaning tasks in an industrial warehouse, it is essential to take into account a series of rules:

• First of all, it is necessary to know the needs of the ship in advance.
• Special emphasis should be placed on the disinfection of all facilities.
• Cleaning tasks are carried out at a time that does not interrupt the normal operation of the warehouse.
• It is essential to carry out cleaning tasks with sufficient frequency to allow the facilities to maintain the necessary levels of hygiene at all times.
Being experts in cleaning industrial warehouses, at CCE Cleaning we always work following these basic and necessary guidelines.


 Integral cleaning of industries

CCE cleaning is a pioneer in the application of the most innovative tools and methodologies in industrial cleaning services. An innovative service that integrates industrial cleaning (LI) and specialized industrial cleaning (LIE) services in industrial spaces, encompassing both conventional techniques and those that require a high degree of specialization.
Our main objective is to achieve cleanliness levels that satisfy the normal development of the production process and the safety of the facilities and the people who work there.
For this reason, at CCe cleaning we offer a service that goes beyond the provision of comprehensive cleaning services in production environments. We align ourselves with the specific values and objectives of your company, which allows us to provide you with a service that is based on quality, innovation and optimization that lives up to your expectations and that of your employees.
As expert industrial cleaning providers, we pay special attention to those tasks that allow the satisfaction and safety of your jobs, the industrial area and people, which is the most important thing.


Benefits of cleaning in the industrial area

Cleaning in these industries is essential, and it also provides us with numerous advantages:

Improves the production process

Industrial cleaning is a very important part of the production process of companies, for reasons that have to do with both their products and their workers.

Machinery optimization

 For all the machinery in an industry to function correctly, it must be properly maintained to prolong its useful life and maximize its productivity. A very        important part of its maintenance is cleaning because it will prevent breakdowns and no obstructions.

Improvement of the environment and well-being

As for workers, not only is industrial cleaning necessary to protect their health, but it will improve the environment and their well-being, which will help them feel comfortable in their workplace and be more productive.

Improves the image of the company

 Regarding the image of the company, many consumers are interested in the production conditions of the products they are going to buy. Ensuring that all hygiene requirements are met will improve the image that the company offers to its end customers.