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Sanitization and disinfection

It is key to stopping the coronavirus

Disinfection service 

in facilities, vehicles and spaces

Our extensive experience in disinfection services in all types of facilities and spaces. We have qualified personnel, our experience allows us to choose the most suitable disinfectants to carry out the service, guaranteeing their efficiency, effectiveness and safety. With studies that demonstrate the elimination of all types of pathogens.
This service is highly recommended for companies and organizations that have a large influx of people or where food is manufactured or handled: shopping centers, nursing homes, hospitals, all types of Hospitality, hotels, supermarkets, hypermarkets, all types of Industry, schools , nurseries, universities, gyms, sports centers, etc.
The application method is carried out by spraying or misting, depending on the safety period to be respected once the treatment has been carried out. This allows us to disinfect large areas in shorter periods of time and minimize downtime for companies and organizations.
How should the facilities be prepared before starting disinfection?

To carry out the service in the most optimal, safe and effective way, it is necessary to follow these recommendations before starting the service:

  • Remove all food from the space.
  • Also remove all utensils and containers, before removing them, disinfect them with a safe product.
  • Remove all material likely to be damaged by humidity (papers, etc.).
  • Cover any electrical device that could be affected with plastic.
How often is it advisable to apply this service?

At Carilo Cleaning we recommend, apart from daily cleaning, to periodically (weekly, biweekly or monthly) carry out a deep and general disinfection by spraying or misting. Thus minimizing the risk of contamination from viruses, bacteria, etc.

 Disinfection FAQ

Q: How Long Does The  Disinfection Process Typically Take?

Answer: The duration of the commercial disinfection process can vary depending on the size of the space, the extent of cleaning required, and the specific disinfection methods used. However, on average, it typically takes a few hours to a full day to complete the process thoroughly.

Q: What Are The Most Effective Disinfection Methods For Spaces?

Answer: The most effective disinfection methods for  spaces include using EPA-approved disinfectants, implementing regular cleaning protocols, utilizing electrostatic sprayers, and incorporating UV-C light technology.

Q: Are There Any Specific Areas Or Surfaces That Require Special Attention During Commercial Disinfection?

Answer: Yes, there are specific areas or surfaces that require special attention during commercial disinfection. These include high-touch surfaces such as doorknobs, light switches, elevator buttons, handrails, and shared equipment. Additionally, frequently used areas like restrooms, break rooms, and kitchen areas should be given extra focus during the disinfection process.